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About us

VAN MAELE is a respected importer of tools for metalworking, specialized in cutting tools, measuring and clamping.

Everything to make a whole or a thread: drills in HSS or carbide, inserts, hands or machine taps,...


5 brands cover everything of turning, CBN, threading, cutting off and their toolholders

7 brands cover the package of milling in HSS or carbide, inserts for endmills, thread milling, routers and more

Really everything to clamp your pieces or tools: vises, arbors, VDI, CAPTO, collets,...

Deburring, reaming, chamfering, measuring

Equipment and tools around the CNC: cabinets, saws, liquids, safety equipment, hand tools

Our promotions

We have a facebook page,

We will be on March 27 + 28 + 29 March 2019 MTMS in Brussels, together with Walter Titex Prototyp.

In fact, we have an additional / separate representative for West and East Flanders since mid-2017, after which Peter


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